15 April 2007

"ABE" Machine

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  • Avvolgitrice-automatica-per-bende-rigide-ed-elastiche-ricoperte-in-lattice-ABE_macchine_image

Automatic winding machine for stiff bandages and elastic, latex-coated medical bandages.

  • Winds rolls onto cardboard or plastic cores.
  • The bandage is retrieved from an unwinder unit.
  • The winding operations are monitored electronically.
  • Item hook-up operations with mechanical gripper.
  • The packages are closed by accurate roll compacting with a pressure roller unit.
  • Extremely accurate bandage measuring.
  • Insertion of paper tab for easy bandage tail detection.
  • Metallic staple detection feature.
  • Antistatic unit for electrostatic tension elimination.
  • Keyboard winding parameter options and alarms.

ABE: Automatic Winding Machine For Bandages 

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