Since 1978, all over the world

Since 1978, all over the world

Who we are

TEMA was founded in 1978 in the automation sector, rapidly specializing in the production of automated machinery for packing ribbons. We have matured over 35 years of experience and over time we have studied, created and perfected numerous machines used all over the world.


TEMA ITALIA was born


ITMA, Hannover

Presentation of our first automatic blocking machine AV100/700 type for ribbons of average heaviness with a positive feed motor.


Production of warpers, MINI 600 and MIDI 1000 type with a great flexibility and power.


ITMA, Milan

Presentation of the blocking machine AVN100/600 type for light ribbons, with a special version for elastic ribbons and the availability to hook the ribbon and to close the pack using labels


ITMA, Paris

Presentation of the blocking machine AVB type to wind using light ribbons also in spools with flanges, with the absolute news of closing the pack with a film of cellophane.


ATME, Greenville

Presentation of the AR2 winding machine for the rolling of stiff and elastic ribbons in rolls and stripes with or without core.


ITMA, Hannover

Presentation of the blocking machine UNIVERSAL type to wind light and middle heavy ribbons in rolls, rolls with flanges and the absolute news of the traverse motion, an electronic and highly customizable device, used to wind spools.


ITMA, Milan

Presentation of CT machines (with TEMA software for the use of barcode labels), TATU, FLIN and UNIVERSAL PP.


ITMA, Paris

Presentation of the new blocking machine CT type and UNIVERSAL type with new electronic equipement, an operator panel to improve the data entry and output self-diagnostic alarms, and optional internal unwinding system electronically syncronized to load the ribbon from pipes or spools.


ATME, Greenville

Presentation of the new WARPER with innovative electronics and operator panel for data entry and alarm display.


ITMA, Birmingham

Presentation of new USA, AFA and CTA machines. Creation of an additional device for the UNIVERSAL and CT machines.


ATME, Greenville

Presentation of the blocking machine SPFL type to put the flanges at the big rolls. Realization of the blocking machine SPTT type to cut in continuous pieces of pipes in plastics.


Realization of the blocking machine SPFI type to made a wide range of the bows gift.


Realization of the machine ETE type for to put the label on the face of spools.


Realization of the new machine ABE type for to wind rolls with medical bandages, rigid and elastic covered with latex.


Realization of the new automatic machine APS for flat wrappings in plastic sacks.


AFM, our new plastic coated steel wire automatic winding machine goes into production.


AV2B, our new stiff and elastic tapes and ribbon automatic winding machine – capable of winding two tape/ribbon rolls simultaneously goes into production.


TATU3000, our new round and square cardboard tubes cutting machine goes into production.