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Italian leading manufacturers of winding machines

Automatic and semi-automatic winding machines for ribbons, bands, belts, wires and ropes since 1978

For more than 40 years we have manufactured ribbon and band winding machines and rolling machinery for tapes, belts, straps, elastic bands and medical bandages. Our long experience on the market helped us specialize also in the design and production of cardboard cores making and cardboard tubes cutting machines.

Depending on our customers’ production needs, we offer a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic winding machines featuring cutting-edge technology and a simple and intuitive programming and control system.


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Our winding machines

Discover our range of winding machines for elastic and stiff tapes, ribbons, belts, straps, ropes and medical bandages.


Automatic winding machine for both elastic and stiff ribbons and tapes


Automatic winding machine for stiff belts, straps, tapes and ribbons