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Automatic bandage winding machines

Your Italian trusted manufacturer of elastic and stiff latex-coated medical bandages

ABE is our automatic winding machine designed and manufactured for elastic, stiff and latex-coated medical bandages. The machine winds the bandages on cardboard or plastic cores and it applies a handy paper tab to quickly pick the bandage end and speed up the dressing. All parameters are electronically controlled and can be analyzed on the keyboard and display.

The benefits

  • Rolls on cardboard and plastic cores;
  • Removal of belt from an external unwinder;
  • Electronically controlled winding;
  • Tape attachment with mechanical clamp;
  • Closing packaging compacting the roll;
  • Extremely precise bandage measurement;
  • Insert paper tab to find the head of the bandage;
  • Detection of metal spots;
  • Device for eliminating electrostatic voltages;
  • Winding parameters and alarms in keyboard
Elastic bandage winding machines manufacturers

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