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Automatic elastic band winding machine

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Our long experience in the manufacture of both elastic and stiffer band winding machines, helped us improve the UNIVERSAL. This is an automatic winding machine designed to wind up elastic bands, laces, strips and ribbons and it is ideal for the processing of the most delicate and light materials.  However, it can perfectly perform the processing and rolling up of inflexible and rigid tapes as well. The machine winds ribbons and tapes on rolls, bobbins and cardboard supports, including cellophane coated ones. It also seals the package with a label, pin or staple according to specific requirements.

What’s more, it recognises precisely any surface anomaly on the ribbons such as coils, twists, tape and ribbon pieces joined together and other defects. This winding machine is the most suitable for winding delicate ribbons, stretch laces and other elastic materials widely used in the clothing industry.

The benefits

  • Winds rolls onto cores, flanged rolls, spools and into flat packs.
  • The ribbon or tape is retrieved from cases at a 30 to 40 metre distance, or from an unwinder unit.
  • The winding operations are monitored electronically.
  • Ribbon or tape hook-up operations with metal staples, labels or mechanical gripper.
  • Packages can be closed with labels, pins or metal staples.
  • Extremely accurate ribbon or tape measuring.
  • Ribbon or tape guides for electronically-monitored parallel-coil winding.
  • Cellophane wrapping unit for individual package wrap operations.
  • Ribbon or tape defect detection device, for joints, curling or metal staple defects.
  • Antistatic unit for electrostatic tension elimination.
  • Relaxation device for wound ribbon stretch elimination.
  • Keyboard winding parameter options and alarms.

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